Join us
on a culinary journey...

to sunny Spain for delicious olive oils, to Italy for fragrant tomatoes, and maybe to India for tropical fruit?

VERA sun-dried tomatoes arrangement

Vegetable preserves

Discover the sweet and sour flavor of tomatoes ripening in the Italian sun, the crunchiness of Peruvian chili peppers, and the amazing taste of real chickpeas, capers and many other preserves.

Vegetable preserves
VERA panties

Fruit preserves

Check out the wonderful fruit flavors sealed in tins! Enjoy exotic pineapples, indulge in mandarins, figs, peaches and even... cherries.

Fruit preserves
VERA black and green olives

Olive oils and olives

The secret of many successful dishes lies in the excellent quality olive oil. Our delicious Greek olive oils are appreciated both in home kitchens and in numerous restaurants. Be sure to try them out!

Olive oils and olives

Fish products

Tuna is still a wild fish, which is caught in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Choose a can of juicy meat of this fish in its natural sauce or in oil. The aromatic taste of tuna will enrich any of your a sandwich spreads, salads, pizza or pasta sauces.

Fish products

in Italian means REAL!

We are an established company

which for 25 years has been importing good quality food products from all over the world, incessantly discovering new tastes.

We are successively growing

offering the world on a plate and more than 300 different products not only to Polish customers, but also to the people of Europe.

We love gastronomy

We created the Vera Gastronomy line especially for its sake, and we dedicate it to the HoReCa sector. You will find in it our products in large and economical packages.

VERA coconut milk arrangement

Strong team
Years of experience on the market
Countries from which we import our products
Products in our offer
Cooking? Cook with us.

We have prepared more than 100 different products for you, which owe their taste and quality to a careful selection of suppliers from all over the world.

The VERA brand belongs to Limpol sp. z o.o..