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Pinacolada recipe from VERA



Coconut mousse
125ml Vera coconut milk
75g egg yolks
50g sugar
1 soaked gelatin flake

Make the English sauce, add soaked gelatin and leave to cool.
Combine the cooled sauce with 120g whipped cream and 40 ml Bacardi rum. Keep refrigerated.

Pineapple in gel

1 tin of Vera pineapple in chunks 565 g
50g decorative neutral gel
40ml Vera mango pulp
2 passion fruits

Drain the pineapple. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix together. Keep refrigerated.

Coconut meringue
200g egg whites (cold)
200g granulated sugar
200g powdered sugar
50g shredded coconut

Whisk egg whites and add granulated sugar, then powdered sugar and shredded coconut. Stir and spread on a baking mat. Dry up in the oven preheated to 90°C for 2-3 h.
Serve on a plate with roasted shredded coconut, fresh mint and chocolate sticks.

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