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  Vegetarian paella is a unique dish that delights with its flavour and richness of ingredients. It is a culinary masterpiece that combines fresh vegetables, aromatic spices and delicious rice to create a unique festival of flavours. This traditional Spanish dish, in a vegetarian version, tempts you with its variety of ingredients. Instead of meat, you'll find succulent artichokes, crunchy peas, juicy tomatoes and colourful peppers to give [...]

Ingredients Dry Jackfruit and Black Bean Truffles 2 tins VERA Green Jackfruit 1 tin VERA Black Beans 100 g fresh coriander 50 g fresh hot peppers salt black pepper yellow curry powder Coating 1 egg flour breadcrumbs/panco breadcrumbs Method Grind the drained jackfruit into smaller pieces or gently blend in a blender. Some of it can be shredded [...].

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